Article: 4 Common Digital Marketing Messes (and How to Mop ‘Em Up)

Here are four of the most common digital marketing messes and how to fix them:

1. You’re having trouble organizing all your stuff.

2. You’re having trouble adjusting to the flurry of new digital marketing methods.

3. You’re having trouble understanding if (and how) you should use social media.

4. You’re having trouble optimizing marketing campaigns for successful execution.

Article: Four Marketing Metrics to Start Tracking

1.    Conversion rate: The percentage of your site’s visitors who actually took enough action to become a customer or lead. Number of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and/or sales qualified leads (SQLs): These are the folks moving their way through your demand waterfall. At each stage, your understanding of their needs deepens and the opportunity for sales to close a deal increases.

2.    Marketing contribution to pipeline and/or total revenue: This is your bread and butter metric. It’s your department’s impact on both sales and overall business goals.

3.    Cost per lead: How much you’re spending to get each MQL into the pipeline.

4.    Readiness: a suite of metrics that combine to demonstrate just how prepared your department is to perform well. Depending on your organization, these can include marketing skills, quantity and quality of content created, and contact database size—all of which help inform you about what types of campaign your department can launch in a given timeframe.

Article: How Can You Create an Instagram Ad That Drives More Sales?

1.            Make sure your Instagram ad is consistent with your current voice and branding.

2.            Choose what you want your ad to accomplish.

3.            Use audience targeting to choose your ideal customer.

4.            Create a dedicated landing page on your site.

5.            Use an eye-catching image.

6.            Use a strong call to action on your ad and landing page.

7.            Don’t forget hashtags!

Article: 2016 Predictions: Marketers, Batten Down The Hatches, It's About To Get Rough Out There

Here are three concrete marketing predictions for the coming year: 

1.     Marketing Roles Get Shaken Up

2.     IT Spend Related To Omnichannel Efforts Increases

3.     Marketing Becomes Central To Companies’ Business Engines, With Cross-Department Analytics Leading The Charge

Article: 6 Essential SEO Strategies to Incorporate in 2016

1.        Create an influencer who is a subject-matter expert.

2.        Develop a content-marketing strategy.

3.        Generate powerful backlinks to your site and pages.

4.        Get your website mobile-ready. 

5.        Move your website to HTTPS, a secure site.

6.        Add markup to your website.

Article: 7 Brilliant Tips on Making Effective Facebook Video Ads

1.    Customize according to audience preferences

2.    Capture the audience’s interest quickly

3.    Create advertisements that don’t seem like advertisements

4.    Don’t forget the message or runtime of the video

5.    Make separate videos for different segments

6.    Run tests for optimizing the videos

7.    Combine music, voiceover and visuals

Article: The Most Valuable Social Media Tool You Are Overlooking

Slideshare is a wonderful social media tool that many people overlook. It is great for personal branding because it's visual, it's ideal for expressing thought-leadership, it gets you noticed, it helps you stand out and it's easy! 

Article: 6 Tips for Scaling Social Media Promotion With a One-Person Team

1)        Automate routine social media tasks.

2)        Auto-publish to social media when a blog post goes live. 

3)        Create multiple social posts for one piece of content.

4)        Schedule in bulk.

5)        Review and repost top posts.

6)        Organize and monitor your Twitter followers.

Article: 5 Marketing Blunders Almost Everyone Makes

1.    Targeting Everyone

2.    Looking In All The Wrong Places

3.    Putting all your Eggs All in One Basket

4.    Selling In A Networking Zone

5.    A Plan A Doesn’t Exist

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Article: Top 10 Analytics tips from Data Marketing 2015 Conference

1.      Focus on people, not percentiles.

2.      Ask questions that matter.

3.      Analyze your failures. 

4.      Crunch numbers but stay creative.

5.      Listen.

6.      Consider the context.

7.      Aim for value over volume.

8.      Hire the right help.

9.      Create value but don’t creep.

10.    Give and take.


Article: Which Marketing Tactics Are The Most Overrated?

According to a research done by Hubspot, marketers around the globe agree that traditional paid advertising is the #1 most overrated marketing tactic and that 32% of marketers said outbound marketing tactics, like traditional paid advertising, are overrated.