Article: 17 Tips to Help You Measure ROI from Local SEO

Here are some great ways to show ROI to your clients for SEO:

1.     Ranking – Use a Picture.

2.     Use a Chrome Extension called SERP Trends that numbers all screenshots.

3.     Before and After Photos of the changes you made

4.     Setting Reasonable Time Lines

5.     Don’t freak out over daily shifts in ranking

6.     Create a Thank You Page  

7.     Knowing the Lifetime Value of a Customer

8.     Landing Pages Report in Google Analytics

9.     Calls in the Google My Business dashboard

10.  Be careful comparing data month-over-month for seasonal businesses. Do year-over-year instead

11.  Clicks & CTR in Search Console

12.  Send the business a list of what you did

13.  Be clear about what you’re doing next

14.  Dynamic Number Insertion

15.  Regular Client Meetings

16.  Look at search queries in the Search Analytics dashboard in Search Console.

17. Impressions in the Google My Business Dashboard