Article: Four Marketing Metrics to Start Tracking

1.    Conversion rate: The percentage of your site’s visitors who actually took enough action to become a customer or lead. Number of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and/or sales qualified leads (SQLs): These are the folks moving their way through your demand waterfall. At each stage, your understanding of their needs deepens and the opportunity for sales to close a deal increases.

2.    Marketing contribution to pipeline and/or total revenue: This is your bread and butter metric. It’s your department’s impact on both sales and overall business goals.

3.    Cost per lead: How much you’re spending to get each MQL into the pipeline.

4.    Readiness: a suite of metrics that combine to demonstrate just how prepared your department is to perform well. Depending on your organization, these can include marketing skills, quantity and quality of content created, and contact database size—all of which help inform you about what types of campaign your department can launch in a given timeframe.