Article: What’s the most valuable information to get from a cookie?

Here is the most important information a cookie can obtain: 

  1. Web demographics such as browser, operating system.
  2. Website details such as if the visitor is returning to the website in a certain time period, if they made a purchase or added a product to a shopping cart, or if they logged in or peformed a site search.
  3. Product-level details, such as how many products a user looked at, added to shopping cart, for each session over the last 15 days.
  4. Temporal website details like how much time the user spent on the site and the amount of time since the last visit.
  5. Temporal product level details like how long a user spends on each page, including product pages.
  6. Product and category frequency such as the number of times the most-often visited and most-recently visited product categories were visited by a user.