8 Reasons to Use Google AdWords - Now Rather than Later

1. No Ads on the Right Side

Google has placed ads at the top of search results for years. What is different now is that Google is only showing ads at the top and bottom of search results; not at the side.
Confirmed: Google To Stop Showing Ads On Right Side Of Desktop Search Results Worldwide
The implication is that searchers can't help but see the ads.

2. Increased Use of Mobile Devices
Everyone has a smartphone - except my Dad but he's 86. He still uses a flip phone and for his needs that is sufficient. But everyone else has a smartphone. And they are doing searches - lots of searches. In May 2015, Google announced that more searches are done on mobile than on desktops.
It’s Official: Google Says More Searches Now On Mobile Than On Desktop

3. Top of the List
If you are using a mobile device, guess which search results show up in the top 2-3 spots: organic or paid?

Spoiler Alert: PAID

4. Unique Message
One issue with relying on organic results on search engines is that a company has limited control of what the users see in the heading, description and URL. However, with AdWords you can customize each part of the ad and get the ad to show-up right away. In this ad (one of our customers), we have the product brand, the company, the phone number, the message and the address. Beautiful!

In this ad (one of our customers), we have the product brand, the company, the phone number, the message and the address. Beautiful!

5. Dayparting
Not everyone is familiar with dayparting. It is a broadcasting term that involves dividing the day into several parts and showing different types of programming for that period. Obviously, the advertising in those time slots will be targeted to the different audience. The same applies to AdWords. For one of our clients, FoxHollow, we are showing different ads depending on the time of week. Ads during the week are for specific audiences like seniors. Ads on the weekend are more general. Any company advertising to separate audiences at different times can do this.


6. Measuring
One of the nice things about Google AdWords is that it has an excellent system for reporting. You know the Impressions, Clicks, Click-Through-Rate, Cost, Cost per Click, Conversions, and Conversion Rate. Brilliant. Our marketing metrics product, Mx3 Metrics, is built on these same metrics but applied across all marketing channels. 

7. ROI
Roughly, the cost per click is $2.00. If you are selling a product that is $5,000 (including the lifetime value of the customer) and your cost per lead is $100, then you can afford 50 clicks to get one lead. Simple math. 

8. AdWords Works
As a channel for branding, AdWords is okay but not great. As a conversion tool, AdWords is fantastic. Millions of people are searching for information, products, and companies. They want to buy, they just haven't decided who to buy from. If you have an ad, excellent, you have a chance for the sale. However, no ad equals no sale. Simple.

Conclusion: Use AdWords to increase the volume of Prospects and drive up Revenue.