A Fast Connection to the Internet

As you can see from the screen capture above I have been struggling with a slow connection to the Internet for over 2 months. Sub 2 Mbps is very very slow. What a pain. I spent hours staring at the screen waiting for it to refresh.

I had 3 different friends come over to help me fix it. None of them came up with a solution that worked. I finally did a search on Kijiji and contacted an electrician. I was prepared to pay for installing a line from the basement to the 2nd floor. His name is Tim Holbrook, 403-481-2091. He sent out his guy, Tosh, who came on a Saturday.

Through good detective work, Tosh figured out that there was already a Cat 5 cable running from the basement to the upstairs. This was used as a phone line but had all the capabilities for running data to my office. Unfortunately, he is an electrician and he doesn't connect Cat 5 to computers. So I had to call my friend, Joe Pereria, back to help me do the final connection. It works fantastically. I now have a 50 Mbps connection which is what we pay for from Shaw. Now I have no excuse to read emails and post on LinkedIn.

Thanks Tim, Tosh and Joe. I appreciate your help.