Revenue Catalyst: Giving Us Access to Various Accounts

Google Analytics

Summary: You have to add us to your account

Step 1: Log into your Google Analytics account
Step 2: Click on Admin in the lower left


Step 3: Click on User Management

2019-02-11 - Google Analytic User Management.png

Step 4: Add (not
Step 5: Select Edit
Step 6: Be sure to check Notify this user by email
Step 7: Click Add

2019-02-11 - Google Analytic Add User.png

Google Ads

Summary: We have to add you to our Master account

Step 1: Login to Google AdWords
Step 2: Look at the top left by your name

2019-02-11 - Google Ads - Number.png

Step 3: Copy the Client number and send to Damon: (not
Step 4: Damon will add your Client number to our account
Step 5: You will get a notification for approval

Google My Business

Step 1: Visit this URL and log in to the Google Account associated with your listing:

Step 2: Select your website.

Step 3: Click Users from the menu on the left sidebar.

2019-03-09 - Google My Business - Users.png

Step 4: Click the icon at the top right to add a User

2019-03-09 - Google My Business - Manages.png

Step 5: Add as a User and Click Done

2019-03-09 - Google My Business - Role.png


Summary: You need to add Jeff Nelson from our company

2019-03-09 - Google My Business - Users.png

Step 1: Log into your account on Facebook
Step 2: Click on the down arrow, top right, to access your company page
Step 3: Click on Settings, top right


Step 4: Click on Page Roles, left menu

2019-02-11 - Facebook - Roles.png

Step 5: Add JeffxNelson ( Give Jeff Editor status.

2019-02-11 - Facebook - Assign.png

Step 6: Check to be sure you have the right person. Jeff’s profile is


You have a few options:
a) You can give is the ID and password to your account.
b) You can give Damon admin access:
His handle is @DamonLebrun
c) Alternatively, you can send the number of Impressions or send us a screenshot.
Log in and click on Analytics under your account profile

2019-02-11 - Twitter - Analytics.png

Scroll down to each month and give us the number of Impressions for each month

2019-02-11 - Twitter - Impressions.png

LinkedIn Company Page

You can give us your login information or send us a report.

The reports are a bit tricky but if you want you can send us your Impressions this way:
Step 1: Log into your personal profile account
Step 2: Go to your profile and click on your company page


Step 3: A new tab will open up. Click on Analytics, then on Updates.

2019-02-11 - LinkedIn Company - Updates.png

Step 4: Be sure you have selected Impressions, then click on Last 3 months.

Step 5: Roll your cursor over the month that you want and grab the number of Impressions


LinkedIn Personal Profile

To give us access to the measures, there are a couple of options:

a) Give us access by sending us your login ID and PW.

b) Send us the number of Profile Views. Use these steps:

Step 1: Click on Home

Step 2: Click on your name on the left side

2019-03-09 - LinkedIn - Name.png

Step 3: Scroll down to Your Dashboard and click on “Who viewed your profile”

2019-03-09 - LinkedIn - Dashboard.png

Step 4: At the beginning of the month, send us the number of people who viewed your profile in the last 90 days.

2019-03-09 - LinkedIn - Who Viewed.png