Deleting Spammers on LinkedIn

Yes there are spammers on LinkedIn. And the more connections that you have, the more spammers there are. I get at least one per week. But then I connect with almost anyone who asks. I like to connect with people I don't know. I give them a try. If they spam me. Especially if the guy wants to give me "Hugssssss," (see image above). I disconnect. 

But it isn't obvious in LinkedIn as to how to disconnect from someone. So here at the steps for disconnecting someone on LinkedIn that you don't want to be connected with.

  1. In the message, click on the link to the person's profile.
  2. Click on the down arrow beside Send [Name] InMail.
  3. In the drop down select Remove from Contacts. See image below.
  4. You will get a pop-up asking if you are sure; click Remove. 

That should do it.