Don't Cancel Meetings by Email

Who cancels meetings at the last minute by email? Seriously, there ought to be a law against this. Isn't there a jail some where for people who do this? I think a cold cell in Tuktoyaktuk would be suitable. 

Earlier this week I had a meeting all lined up with a client. But I had a couple other meetings in the morning which meant that I wasn't sitting in front of my computer reading my emails. So I arrived at his office, on time (yeah for me), all set for the meeting. He greets me and says, "Did you get my email?"

I answered with a simple "No" but I was thinking, "Well, no actually I didn't. I was meeting people and then I was driving. I don't just sit at my computer waiting for emails to come in. And in Alberta it is against the law to read emails while driving. Maybe you could have oh, called, or texted me. I have hands free in my car so a call would have been best."

How do you cancel meetings?