Free Online Meeting Software -

I'll admit it, I'm cheap. Not always but sometimes. I especially don't like paying for something if I can get the same thing for free elsewhere. 

Recently, we launched our marketing metrics software called Mx3 Metrics. This software helps us create "marketing statements" for our clients and evaluate their marketing channels and marketing mix. We love it and so do our clients. One client called it the "holy grail" of marketing. After entering her measures, another user, exclaimed, "This is perfect. Just what I have been looking for for years."

Many the prospects who are interested in a demo are busy or not in Calgary. An alternative is to do a demo using online computer to computer software. I like Google Hangouts but this tool is difficult to use with people who do not have a gmail account or are a user of Google Apps for Work. 

As an alternative, I have been using AnyMeeting. It is excellent. I have had no issues and it is FREE. I like free. Give it a try.