Tips and Tricks for Using LinkedIn


I use my LinkedIn profile all the time. It is a great way to connect with people - worldwide - and stay in touch.

Below are some of the things that I do when I’m using LinkedIn. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will be helpful for you.

1. Mobile vs Desktop

I like using that mobile app. It is quick and easy to use. Many tasks are easier to do on the mobile app when compared to the desktop version. If you haven’t downloaded the mobile app, you should try it - it’s worth the effort.

2. Kudos

This is a little-known way to compliment one of your connections. Start by finding the profile of the person that you want to send a kudo. BTW, a kudo is a compliment and there is no plural - just kudo. Click on More and then Give Kudos.


Select the image that is suitable for the occasion and the message that you want. Then post. It’s easy and fun. And your connection will love the attention.


This is what your kudo will look like once you have posted it.


NOTE: I suspect that not everyone can post a kudo on LinkedIn. I was reviewing this with a friend and he said this option was not available on his profile. It is possible that you have to be a LinkedIn All Star to access this option. (Somehow, I have this status; maybe due to the number of connections that I have.)

3. QR Codes

Yes, QR codes are still a thing, and on LinkedIn they are quite useful. Start by going to your home screen and clicking the 4 squares to the right of search.


Then choose either Scan to scan someone else’s QR code or My Code to generate your QR code for someone else to use. Obviously, this is something that you do with another person, phone to phone. I suppose you could do a screenshot of your own QR code and use that somehow, but I haven’t tried that.


5. Connections

I like connecting with people. I don’t care who you are or what you do, I’ll check the connection. Sure, I get “spammers” sending me messages. I don’t mind. I like to know what others are doing and every once in a while, I connect with someone who is interesting.


6. Messages

Most of the messages that I get are thank you’s. I often click on the 3 lines at the top right and then on Unread, so that I can quickly read and sometimes reply to all the messages that I haven’t read.


7. Notifications

The number of notifications can be overwhelming. I have LinkedIn set-up to notify me of everything. I don’t get notifications on my phone, just to the app. It is too distracting to get notifications on my phone. Typically, I log in once a day - sometimes twice.


Below is an example of a notification related to a post that I made recently.


8. Congrats and Celebrations

These reminders for Congratulations and Birthdays come up under notifications. I respond to all of them. Again, this is a good way of staying in touch.


9. Searches This Week

One of the notifications you should receive is the number of Search Appearances in the most recent week. This is the number of times your profile appeared in search results. I receive these notifications on Monday mornings. Each week the number is different. Higher numbers of search appearances are based on how active you are on LinkedIn and the quality of your posts.


10. Posts vs Articles

Posts get more views by far when compared to Articles. I hardly publish Articles any more - they are not worth the effort. 

Here's to happy posting. I hope these tips and tricks are helpful.