Video Training and Chris Cromwell's Entrepreneurial Story

On Saturday, I spent the day learning about video. I know quite a bit about video. I have even taught how to make video. The issue is I don't do videos and I'm trying to figure out why. I'll tell you why I don't at the end of this post.

I found out about the workshop via Meetup. I even paid for the workshop via Meetup. That alone was interesting. I had never paid for anything on Meetup. I paid $97 for an 6 hour workshop; not too bad. I also wanted to attend because I like to meet people and learn how they do things.

Our instructor for the day was Chris Cromwell, Creative_Crom. Great guy. Lots of energy. Knowledgeable. Interesting. He is an artist that does incredible art. He also designs and develops websites. His site is Value of Creativity. You can see his original art on his Pinterest page

Chris and some of his partners own a house in SW Calgary that they are opening up to entrepreneurs as a work space. Interesting idea. Here's a link: We met in the boardroom which is in the basement. The house has been well renovated so it was clean and well lit.

We covered the following topics:
- Social Psychology + Why Video Works so well
- How to Record / Edit Videos on your Smartphone
- How to Share your Story Effectively through Video
- How to Sell Products / Services with Video
- Adding Video to your Website Strategy
- Creating a Video Marketing Plan
- Creating Passive Income with Video
- Ranking your Video on Page ONE of Youtube
- STRATEGY: How to make $1,000 with one video

At one point during the training, Chris told a portion of his life story and how he ended up becoming an entrepreneur. I took a video of him sharing his story. 

So what is stopping me from doing video. There are a few reasons:

1. Technology
You can't do video without understanding the technology. Cameras, file formats, editing, captions, saving, uploading, etc.

But I think I can overcome those hurdles.

2. Time
There is no question that planning, shooting, editing, uploading and "marketing" videos takes time. 

But again, if there is a payoff and I think there is, I'm willing to learn and I'm willing to take the time. 

3. Lighting and Sound
You have to be able to hear what people are saying and what is happening in the video. I did a video a few years back and the wind was howling in the background. I could hardly hear the person that was speaking in the video. Frustrating.  Siksika Nation, Harley Sitting Eagle

But now that I have made that mistake, I'm aware of the issue, and I can adjust the environment, use a microphone, or compensate somehow. I'll learn.

4. Seeing Me
The main reason I don't like shooting video is that I don't like to hear my voice and I don't like to look at videos of me. I'm the problem. I'm self conscious.

But I don't have to be self-conscious or shy. I can change. I think. I hope. That is my "resolution" for 2017. I want to get comfortable with video and seeing myself on video.