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In February 2019 we conducted a survey with Business Coaches that had a first degree connection with Jeff Nelson on LinkedIn.

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We’ll give you a hint with the intent of encouraging you to download and read our report. The central finding is that most coaches struggle with clients around issues related to Commitment, Expectations, and Value.

It is, however, our conclusion that the most important of these issues is Value, specifically proving that there is a return on investments (ROI) related to the marketing and coaching. Our recommendation is that if business coaches track the investments and the returns in order to prove a positive ROI, there should be a reduction in the other issues related to Commitment and Expectations.

Are You Having Trouble Tracking the ROI of Your Clients’ Marketing Campaigns?

Using our software we can help you collect the data and calculate marketing metrics that are critical for improving the ROI of investments in marketing.

The Key Benefits for Business Coaches and your Clients are:

  • Track the ROI of your clients’ investments in marketing

  • Identify Areas where Money is Being Wasted

  • Spot Opportunities in Channels that are under-performing

  • Optimize the Performance at each level of the Customer Acquisition Funnel

  • Make Data Driving Marketing Decisions

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