How Mx3 Metrics Started

The founding members of Mx3 Metrics are Jeff, Joanne, and Damon.

You can find out more by clicking on the links and going to their respective profiles on LinkedIN.

Jeff Nelson

Joanne O'Connell

Damon James

The company developing the software is Urban Lighthouse

Johan Rothzén and David Savill have been instrumental in designing the interface and technology of the software. 


It all started when…

Joanne O'Connell and I started teaching a course on Marketing Metrics at the University of Calgary. Joanne initially came up with the idea to teach this course. Her background in market research lead her to the conclusion that metrics would become increasingly critical as marketing and advertising moved online and into digital formats. Jeff’s contribution to the course was in the areas of online strategy, social media, and website analytics. The end result is that we started teaching together in 2010.

Teaching is not new to us. We have both taught courses in the Continuing Education faculty at the University of Calgary. Joanne taught Market Research and Jeff taught Business Management, Internet Marketing and Social Media. Joanne also teaches at the University of Lethbridge and at Mount Royal University. Jeff has also taught a variety of social media courses at SAIT Polytechnic. Jeff recently taught a 3 year degree level course of Management Information Systems at the Haskayne School of Business.

The first course that we taught together, Marketing Metrics & Measurement, was in the Spring of 2011 at the University of Calgary. Joanne continues to teach this course to students in a classroom setting twice a year.

Very shortly after the first course, we discussed the idea of starting a company that offered Marketing Metrics System and consulting to businesses. It took us a while to develop the models, processes, and methods but now Mx3 Metrics is this company. We are excited to work with companies to improve their understanding of marketing metrics and increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.